Physical Shop & Hiring

Fabulist Costume provides a full hiring service from the physical shop. Hire prices are approximately one third the full sale price. You are required to pay the remaining two thirds as a deposit, which is refunded on the safe return of the item (Full details below). If you would like to hire an item online, please contact me directly by phone on 07308 474313 or email and I will do my best to arrange something for you.

Fabulist Costume
Unit 11-12 Wood Street Indoor Market
98-102 Wood Street
London E17 3HX
Tel: 07308 474313

You can come to the shop to try on items you’ve seen online, to collect items you’ve already purchased or just to browse around and have fun trying stuff on. There are items available in the shop, that are not available on here.
If you are unable to visit the physical shop and would like a better feel for items you have seen on this site or, you are just in need of styling advice, book a free online shopping appointment with us. This can be done via FaceTime or GoogleMeet for up to half hour. Please call on the above number or message here to arrange.

Opening Hours
Wednesday to Saturday 10.30-17.00
Tuesday 1030-14.30

Hiring Returns Policy
Items must be returned in usable condition i.e. No rips or stains, within one week from the date of payment e.g. if hiring on a Saturday, items must be returned by the end of the working day the following Friday (unless with prior written arrangement).

If the items are damaged in any way, the cost of damage will be assessed on inspection and deducted from the deposit accordingly. All cleaning is taken care of by Fabulist Costume and washable marks are not counted as damage. Losing the odd embellishment e.g. sequins or slight tearing at a seam are normal wear and tear and also not counted as damage.

If the payer decides to keep any items they must inform Fabulist Costume by sending a written message via email or text within one week of payment. The deposit for those items will then be kept and no longer be refundable.

For every extra working day (Tuesday to Saturday) that items are not returned without prior written arrangement, 10% of the deposit will be incurred and deducted from the deposit.

Working hours: 
Wednesday to Saturday 10.30-17.00
Tuesday 1030-14.30.

In the event that no one from Fabulist Costume is present to accept a return, the payer is asked to notify Fabulist Costume via phone message on the same day to avoid charges. If Fabulist Costume plans in advance to close during these hours the customer will be informed.