Antique Brown Beaded Clutch Bag

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This beautiful little bag was probably made in the 1910s or 1920s. The tiny glass beads are draped in between vertical lines of crochet and attached to a metal frame. A lovely collectors piece or accessory for a Flapper style or Art Nouveau/Deco look.


The crocheted beading has been secured to the gold tone frame on the inside using metallic fibres and the crochet thread. The frame is engraved in an Art Nouveau pattern and has a kiss clasp to close. The inside is lined in an apple green silk.

Fabrication: glass beads, thread, metallic fibres, unknown metal


Clasp is 5 inches wide, length is 7.25 inches at longest


This is in very good antique condition. There is slight rusting to about 1cm of the chain and some discolouration to the metal frame on the outside. The green lining has three small rips and the crochet has come away slightly from one of the corner hinges.