Antique Edwardian Silk Jacket/Blouse - Size M/L

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This original Edwardian top is beautifully made in embroidered silk; it falls to the waist at the front but has a long tail at the back in the style of a tail coat. 

It was possibly worn over a dress in Edwardian times. 


The embroidered sleeves, with lacy ruffled cuffs, have a floral and geometric pattern, as does the bottom edge at the back. The rest of the garment is embroidered in a striped pattern. There is a pleated satin sash that goes around the middle and fastens at the side with 3 poppers. The sash hangs down the front left-hand side. The low V-neck fastens at the bottom with 3 metal hooks and there are 3 embroidered faux buttons on each shoulder. The top half of the garment is lined in golden silk. The back tail is pleated and the bottom corners are weighted with, what feels like, 2 satin-covered old pennies. 

Fabrication: 100% Silk 
Care: Specialist Dry clean only


Women's Size M/L

Chest: 40 inches
Length: (Back to Waist) 15 inches (Full Length) 40.5 inches (Arm) Approx 19 inches
Waist: 34 inches 


In very good antique condition: it appears as though a loop has come off the garment, the waistband has been sewn in by hand and you can see the black stitching on the side of the lining. There is a small hole in the waistband at the front but this is not visible when worn.