Vintage Red Irish Guard Drummers jacket with Epaulettes - Size S Tall

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This is an authentic bright red Irish tunic with detachable epaulettes and gold braiding. The details are printed on a label which inside of the jacket.


There are embroidered 3 leaved clovers in white on the collar with 2 hooks and also 7 gold-covered buttons down the front of the jacket which is embossed with a crown and an angel that sits on a harp. There are 4 of the same buttons on each cuff and 10 at the back of the garment as well. It has cream/white piping down the front, around the collar, and on the cuffs. The cuffs and the collar are dark blue. There are large detachable epaulettes made with gold braiding and are fully lined (the top part of the lining is in quilted silk and the bottom in a red fabric).

Fabrication: 100% Wool 
Care: Specialist Dry clean only


Men's Size S Tall

Chest: 36 inches
Length: (Back) 33 inches (Arm) 29 inches
Waist: 42 inches 
Seat:  38 inches


It's in very good vintage condition, there are no marks or pulls to the fabric, the belt is missing from the jacket and there is some slight wear to the fabric in places.

In the inside collar, there is a name written and discolouration to the fabric.