Vintage Military Army Air Jacket - Size M

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It is a navy blue jacket with light blue and gold trimmings. The label states this is an "Army Air Corp Band Tunic". 


It has 15 silver metal buttons at the front, as well as 2 on the cuff which has been embossed with an eagle. It has light blue cuffs and a collar with gold braiding. There are thin gold epaulets and there is a gold badge on the right arm with an embroidery of the crown in red. Below is a gold v shape badge. Also, there are 8 buttons at the back with the light blue piping around the front and also around the hem. The jacket is fully lined and the arms are quilted.

Fabrication: 100% Wool
Care: Specialist Dry clean only


Men's Size M

Chest: 41 inches
Length: (Back) 29.5 inches (Neck to Waist) 17.5 inches (Arm) 23 inches
Waist: 35 inches 
Seat:  39 inches
Collar: 16.5 inches 


It's in very good vintage condition, there is 1 button missing from the back and light blue fabric is coming away from the braiding at the cuff.